Just dont invest too much into the series. This might happen to One piece as well.

High expectations will lead to disappointment.
high expectations are what happen when you write a story on the level of aot, isayama went from writing a god tier story to fucking sword art online tier writing
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like this writing is worse than allegiant and fifty shades of gray
if i knew this was what was in store for me i probably wouldve jumped a while ago
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Yes, it was clear he had another ending . I do think the publishers and editor forced him to make vanilla ending.

Remember he planned to kill sasha very early , only when his editor stopped him from doing it. Bleach suffered same thing maybe in few years he will likely talk why he choose to do it.
we need directors cut now
I think whole time fuckery being introduced was downfall to the story.

First,Eren infulencing whole lot of events really dont make sense if you look from pre timeskip point of view.

Griesha would have supported Eren in Genocide and now his dialogues with Kruger makes no sense. Did Eren infulence Kruger to send his pops to paradis ?

Isayama changed entire thing to show Eren was mastermind genius setting this up is bit of a stretch , he is no aizen for godsake. He could have done it simple way instead choose to show Eren was plotting stuff to make sure his friends get credit makes no sense.

Overall for the anime only fans will not likely suffer the fate like we did. The studio will likely twig the ending or extend few scenes to make it look better.
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Guess that's why he choose to open a spa
Ya i suppose so, he could make off living with Merchandise he is set for life now.


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Just skimming through this thread now and this chapter really put y'all through the 5 stages of grief :milaugh:






I've long lost investment to go through grief. I just went through one stage: Meme it :myman:

But I wish it was different for the fans here that are genuinely disappointed.
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Isayama committed career suicide, he will have hard time defending the shitty ending.
Yes. Isayama is gonna really "care" about defending his manga against hardcore fans lol
Can this be classified as hands down one of the most appalling endings in the history of famous manga?
idk stuff like death note is up there and it was pretty fucking awful, but AOT's awfulness is the level of like quality directly BEFORE the ending.
to elaborate, DN declined right at the halfway-point (specifically, the introduction of near) and the ending was an absolute dumpster fire that was consistent with the writing downward spiral that had preceded it.
in contrast, attack on titan has been one of the best manga/stories in general to date, and the fact that the ending sucked so much fucking ass when everything leading up to it was pretty damn good might make it top the charts as the worst (or at least worse than DN)