Episode Discussion Attack on Titan - Episodes 15 & 16 : Sole Salvation and Above and Below

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Zoro D Goat

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Lazy is the way
End of the season : the last two episodes were quite good

Zeke backstory one was well done. His relationship with the doc was good and you really pitied Zeke. Everyone has really shitty lives in this show.

The next one was nice too. Only weird moment was maybe Armin crying over Yelena story.

Someone knows when the second part of the season will be released ?
I love it, for me MAPPA final season>>> VIT 3 season with CGI colossus, Berthold explosion without burning anything with fire(litteraly there was no fire at all). So for me this season was good and it stay as season that I possibly would be able to rewatch, which I can't say about VIT third season. So 9 of 10 for me, close to 9,5