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Will Who's-Who forgive his legal-of-age ex-girlfriend, Bao Huang, for leaving him for Queen?

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with you mention fake horns, do you think the tobi roppo wearing a fake horns too?
Most likely; just to imitate Kaido. After all many Gifters and pleasures have horns, kinda a symbol to show they belong to the Beast Pirates
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If there is really an Impel Down connection for King, he could be Sadie-chans husband, son or toyboy.
Nope Sadi-chan belongs to me :pepeanger::kata:
what you guys' thoughts on the Numbers rn? When we first got their silhouettes I was really hyped because they look like a bunch of giant oni monsters and I was curious to see how they'll fit in with Beasts Pirates' animal theme

then we got another silhouette of a lizard-like one and that got me more excited to see them

Then we got Hacha...I know we only saw one and we haven't seen what they can do yet but frankly, I am dissapointed
Lol I know he’s not any better for most people here but I love Nanki, what a classic Oni