Spoiler Black Clover General Spoiler Thread

Nah he is human.

Magic types of Yuno's mom and dad bend into Star Magic.

Although damn that's an amazing reference and people says that Tabata can't write or include some goodies references lmao.

Spade >>>>>>> Wano by a landslide.

+ I'm picking up a liking on Yuno more and more. Especially with this power.
I'm still pretty sure that Yuno is half human/half alien, case for me it will have much more sence like that...but we will see. Also I truly loved whole this scene and Yuno right now.
And yes, for me Spade Arc riight now>>>>>>Wano in all terms, and Tabatha don't need to made villains stupid to make heroes win the battle. For example Megicula fight where we get whole party of people who basically conter Megicula's magic and she still was able to stand against united army.
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damn, morris's main feat (beating dorothy) gets offscreened and he gets blown the fuck out by the entire bulls squad pulling up at the same time

and now with the latest spoilers, there's a chance he's done for good
Luci is a let down it says when he fully manifests the world is done now not fully materialized yet he should without moving defeat all his enemies

Just a glimpse of his power should be enough to annihilate the whole cast

Again something that doesn't make sense