Spoiler Black Clover General Spoiler Thread

You guys probably know better than me but some translations on the images are incredibly off
Like the last line is β€œAhh the time has come” not I’m filled with time
I haven't read Black Clover in a long time..But I read the last chapter after a long time and it was wonderful..I feel Julius is actually 3 people
It's time to use bb's theory here:christnally:
Biggest BC critics call it one of the best shits Tabata pulled out. Saying stuff like "Aizen level reveal" etc. Even that fat fuck KOL said something along the lines of "one of the best manga reveals".

Tabata has a sense for good writing, he is binded by JUMP trying to make his series a new Fairy Tail. He likes to take inspiration from Berserk but can't fully go with it because JUMP's editors.
I think the biggest problem of Black Clover was that the future events were somewhat predictable..The new chapter really excited me that I was fooled for many years:milaugh::milaugh: