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Feels like they were very thrilled to have a movie greenlit and were quite ambitious to a point where it was almost like they were trying to cram as much possible in it. Conrad and these WKs being in a probably standalone movie almost seems like a waste compared to if this plotline had been fleshed out into a full length arc in the manga/anime. If BC were more of a "too big to fail series" like One Piece, then it could have been a more focused plot rather than trying to throw as much of the cast a bone here and there. Spoilers: (Jack and William don't ever get a chance to directly face off the WKs when that would have been great, Dorothy shows up early but then never shows up again iirc, ditto Leopold but that's pretty much his thing at this point) Got slightly frustrated at times with how to rush the plot there was a lot of offscreening stuff and cuts away from the action when we as fans of action WANT to see the impact rather than just a cut to them getting up and wooh where'd that blood come from, woah that must have been a great fight, wish we could have seen it etc. But what we did see was great.

feels kind of One Piece Stampedeish with lots of cameos and things like that but with a Film Z tier villain and plot.

another thing I appreciated about this is that we saw TEAMWORK and tactics in the fights, something which BC used to excel in but has been pushed aside in recent arcs since the power creep has gone through the roof. And speaking of Power scaling, they really went above and beyond to portray the WKs as just ridiculously OP as they should be. Definitely great additions to the BC universe.

Hope to see more BC anime and or movies in the future!

Light D Lamperouge

𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝕮𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉 𝕳𝖆𝖛𝖊 𝕭𝖊𝖊𝖓
The title for the upcoming chapter will be Standing in the Way. The chapter opened with Lucius Zogratis speaking to Yuno Grinberryall. He expressed how he could see that Yuno was very attached to Asta. However, even if he was alive, Lucius had already taken precautions to make sure that Asta does not return to the Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover chapter 363 then shifted to the Witches' Forest, where the witches were trying to defend the forest from Damnatio Kira and his soldiers' attacks. They were trying to stop Damnatio from interfering with their spell. That's when Damnatio used his new spell "Scale Magic: Scale Dominate."

As per Damnatio, his new spell's balance scales allow him to tilt any magic favoring his side, i.e., the right side.
"The future of the devil who disturbs the peace must be prevented... For a just and orderly world in Lucius-sama's land."​
Damnatio knew that Asta was a person capable of stopping Lucius. Thus, he considered it to be his duty to prevent Asta from returning to the Clover Kingdom. Following that, the legless angels that had arrived alongside him combined to attack with a huge beam.

Black Clover chapter 363 then shifted to Yami Sukehiro vs Morgen Faust. While Morgen seemed unscathed, Yami already seemed injured. Morgen informed Yami how Lucius knew that something was happening in the Witches' Forest that could hinder their plan. Thus, Lucius had taken precautions for the same.

Following that, Morgen asked Yami to join him and be reborn in the world created by Lucius. He wished to protect the country together with Yami just like in the old days of the Grey Deer. However, Yami rejected the offer as he had his own squad now.

Black Clover chapter 363 again shifted its focus to the Witches' Forest. The large beam that was being set up by Damnatio's soldiers was prevented by Trap Magic. Soon after, the Black Bulls members - Nacht, Zora, Secre, Grey, Gauche, Luck, Charmy, Henry, and Magna arrived to fight Paladin Damnatio Kira.

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