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Also, I am getting sus of tic tac.

Shoot pot when he didn't even scum read him while he didn't do shit to mango, me or lind when we were his primary sus.

Tic tac sussed me even last cycles so him shotting pot over me makes no sense.
he shot pot? i need to read


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tbh there r lots of stuff to be gleaned from day 2 EoD. for instance i dont think mango is ever gna be red since adam wanted that direction over uwu, but there certainly was resistance to him and people voting elsewhere

also i think prof is town. the nature of the claim is townie. @Dr_Professor83 please claim how u used ur actions cycle 3 and where did they appear in WU

i think we might need to policy lynch mango here
did u answer this @Dr_Professor83


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@AL sama whats ur current read of lind and apollo?
@AL sama pls let me know what ur current thoughts on them are

What is your current read of TAC? He wanted to lynch you yesterday because of surviving a kill and did not do much else. I still think he may be scum.

I also do not like Xlaw (asked me to claim, immediately after withdrew from this request and disappeared), Pero (only solving mechanically, weak push on me), Destroya (reads seem fake), UWU, Mango, Reloaded currently.
might be late to answer but i think TAC is probably scum doing a weird gambit. last cycle he was hyped af about a missed kill on me. this cycle hes like its whatever missed kills r NAI. doesnt make sense for him to push that hard yesterday if thats the case

Kobe had early day 1 miller claim and there was no counterclaim to it.
but kobe is not rukia so whose a miller here. byakuya? hinamori?

Isn't Hime somewhat connected to yamamoto? *potentially* not scum, would like them to get finally some time to post smth

Tbh idk how much that chara is actually connected to yamamoto to make sense here but ppl didn't question it
did hime claim anything of that sort? dest and psyloke flipped the lieutenant and 3rd seat for 1st squad


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just cause I didn't answer them doesn't mean I would do the same to you

yeah scums do read the thread
Okay, then. I’ll ask you now. Why do you think I’m Aizen?

Death's Dance was activated

The first Kenpachi was activated was activated and superkilled @Pot Goblin / Kiyone Kotetsu!

Master Healer was used on ???​
Ngl, that upgrade and refill your would have been useful to Ratchet or me.

@Lindltaylor I need you to explain in full exactly how you vouch for Sallu and how he vouches for you. Every last detail.
Basically he sent a message asking for a specific character. Once I confirmed I knew about that character, he opened a chat the next day where we claimed all our abilities to each other and spoke at length for 2 day phase.

Wait, Adam said he tried to visit Kiku on night 1, but then Mango said he redirected Adam to Charlie instead on night 1?

Was Adam redirection immune? I can’t remember.


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[Passive -Spiritual Awareness ] Inoue is able to sense ongoing battles from a significant distance, especially those happening near her barriers. Her barriers cannot be redirected and she will learn of the first person that comes in contact with a person she protects, for example if a person she is protecting visits player A and another player visits player A she will learn of their name. This will not tell her if anybody targets the person she is protecting though.
Yeah, looks like Adam cannot be redirected. So it checks with TAC's info of him visiting Kiku.


There's no "Tina!"
I have to iso few people for that as I haven't focused much on others

You already know who I am and no one will come and counter claim it and you also have ability in WU which got verified by players whom I targetted so my ability can't be faked wu as well.

This should be good for you.
Not sure why you think you're unsure on me if this is the logic you're using to clear yourself.
1- @Pot Goblin Kiyone Kotetsu / Died Day 4 -- FAKE
3- @Michelle Marechiyo Omaeda/ Died Night 1
6- @Underworld Broker Nemu Kurotsuchi/ Killed Day 2
8- @Charlie Mayuri Kurotsuchi/ Died Night 2
9- @Dr. Watson Replaced by @Hayumi Soi Fon / Modkilled Day 3
12- @MUUGEN Kyoraku Shunsui / Modkilled Day 3
16- @MangoSenpai Yumichika Ayasegawa / Killed Day 4
21- @Rottkins Jindabo Ikkanzaka/ Died Night 2 -- FAKE
22- @Psylocke Genshiro Okikiba/ Died Day 4 -- FAKE

24- @~UwU~ Yasutora Sado / Died Night 3
28- @Adam 🍎 Inoue Orihime/ Lynched Day 2
31- @Kiku Yoruichi Shihoin / Lynched Day 3

34- @SoulKiller Nanao Ise/ Lynched Day 1
35- @Destroya Chojiro Sasakibe / Killed Day 4

Urahara Shoten has opened its doors! If you are interested in visiting please quote this post!

See you tonight daddy @Mashiro Blue
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