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Mr. Apollo we're running out of time, we need to kill scum fast
no we dont need to panic

This is literally what Mr. Pot is saying....

He and Mr. Adam are also fighting about furries right now.
does pot still think ultra is town. just need to get that off my system. bastard mechanics is the only worry i have this game

id say one of lind/sallu is scum but not both


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The only thing in your favour here is I've seen you sleep at the wheel like this as town plenty of times, most recently in Ekko's money heist game - please don't repeat those mistakes.
@Underworld Broker Mr. Muugen says to wake up and get your shit together, LM and Yo are scum locks to everyone with eyes.
Eh, I'll go down with this ship of YoTan being likely town, why would fuji not give out more fake claims? In a mass claim he'd be just dead lol

merger usually happens when both teams lose some members. i guess someone on aizen team died and flipped town is a possibility
Fam did u miss the last wish crap that is in *checks notes* every game to reward scums gamethrowing? (Orihime role had it)

My flavour helps break out Ichigo team in the Soul World, he aids them too. Which is why when i realised Ichigo team could be Mafia team i alerted everyone about it. I think this is one reason the game is bastard.

He's a resident of soul society though unlike Ichigo team.
Good to know, dw I got your back :D


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Day 4 - Vote Count 3

*Votes may not reflect their real value*
*Tell me if i missed anything*

TheAncientCenturion - 4
Lindtaylor - 1
Sallucion - 1
Lord Melkor - 1

Lord Melkor: Peroroncino -> Destroya -> TheAncientCenturion
Ratchet: TheAncientCentruion -> Unvote -> Lord Melkor
TheAncientCenturion: Dr_Professor83 -> Lindtaylor
Ultra: TheAncientCenturion
Apollo: TheAncientCenturion
T-Pein: Lindtaylor -> TheAncientCenturion
Mr. Reloaded: Sallucion​

This is the last VC
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