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2- Mr. Dr_Professor83
4- Mr. hime
5- Mr. Lord Melkor

7- Mr. Apollo
10- Lord TheAncientCenturion
11- Mr. Xlaw
13- Mr. Kerkovian
14- Mr. T-Pein™
15- Mr. MonochromeYoru
17- Mr. Yo Tan Wa
18- Mr. Peroroncino
20- Mr AL sama

23- El Sallucion
25- Sir Lindltaylor

26- Mr. Mr. Reloaded
27- Mr. Reborn
29- Mr. Ratchet
30- Mr. Mashiro Blue
32- Mr. Ekkologix
33- Mr. Ultra

Hello these are Mr. Muugen's original thoughts.
not a bad list actually, tho dont rly have strong reason to town read u or AL

and i think melkor looks best among the players colored in red

i think one of line/sallu is scum (leaning sallu). the other is town

i think there is atleast one in xlas, kerko, tpein, mono
20 alive. 7 Scum, 1 Indie, 14 Town.

Prof - ???
Hime - ???
Melkor - Probably Scum
Apollo - Town
TAC - Refilled/Double Action'd, otherwise leans Scum
Xlaw - Probably Scum
Kerk - ???
T-Pein - ???
Monochrome - Nonsensical ability, but timing leans town
YTW - ???
Pero - ???
Al - Town
Sallu - Vouched by Lind
Lind - Vouched by Sallu
Reloaded - ???
Reborn - Probably Scum
Ratchet - Town
Blue - Indie
Ekko - Town
Ultra - Town

So taking the 5 people I know to be/should be town out, and the indie, I'm left with

Prof - Town
Hime - Town
Melkor - Scum
TAC - Scum(?)
Xlaw - Scum
Kerk - Scum
T-Pein - Scum
Monochrome - Town
YTW - Town
Pero - Town
Sallu - Town
Lind - Town
Reloaded - Town
Reborn - Scum

That's 14 players, of which 7 should be Scum. Forcing myself into reads above, I only have 6 scum. Could see YTW or hime, but might be worth flipping Lind at some point, or Sallu.
Are you kidding me? Its more and more likely that you are a Mafia here.


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Fake news, I am vouching for Lind.

Scum TAC is spreading misinformation.
r u confident ur ability is correct, outside of kyoka suigetsu and stuff. u r being kept alive means u arent rly a threat

also team ichigo had orhime scan innocent as well as yoroichi or chad could target a player and make them scan innocent. imagine how team aizen wud be


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Tbh Ratchet I don't like ur attitude and as muugen would say "get ur shit together"
Broki, I am beyond done with this awful game. I'm done with having to put up with shitty, lazy players who can't even try to play the game. I'm done with the host telling me my role is "broken" when it literally only works negatively against the town, actually scum-sided garbage. Literally every Bleach game I play is the most miserable, shitty trainwreck from the setup to the play and the sooner I get out of this bastard mess the better.
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