Episode Discussion Bleach Tier List(?)

Yes that was only his Quincy power. But the level of his power is the highest at that time imo, because he's becoming one with his sword. So for me, it's not just simply about the source, but also the mastery of the said source.
But...HoS Ichigo is that mastery with a BETTER zanpakuto plus his mastery of the hollow as they became one.

Jugram had a whacky version of All Might though?
Yeah but its so temporary it shouldn't mean anything, its different from say Nagato having Madara's rinnegan.
I always assumed his reiatsu was so high that he was able to ignore some of Yhwach's abilities or counter them with his own. Regardless, the fact he was able to walk after taking 1 blow from SK Yhwach puts him a tier (minimum) above Ichibe, who got blown up by just the All Might Yhwach.

Quilage seems a bit low. He didn't strike me as VA tier. And why's Halibel so high up lol?
Yeah I think Aizen is stronger than Ichibe because of his reiatsu and shit but like there was no reason for Aizen to be able to counter the Almighty like that. I don’t think having high reiatsu will do much against Yhwach, he basically foresaw the power of Ichigo’s bankai and attacked from the future to prevent himself from facing that, should’ve done something similar to Aizen.

He got one shot by base Grimmjow :wellwell: though from what I remember his designation ability the “Jail” was the only thing that made him hard to beat, I’d say he’s mid tier at best.

I thought yall was gonna say Toshiro was a bit high.
I put TYBW arc Halilbel there not Fake Karakura and the reason why is because its suggested in one of the novels that she’s relative to TYBW arc Grimmjow, which means she has gotten stronger and Yhwach personally took her out during his invasion of Hueco Mundo. She’s relative to Nel as well. I think its fair to put her there even though she did virtually nothing during the arc.
Bleach Power Level / Tiers List ?

I'm far too dumb to do such a thing.

Over Powered Hax ++++



Gremmy ( depends on the power of his brain )


Lille Barro
Gerard Valkyrie
Askin Nak le Vaar

Hax +

Kyouraku Bankai
Gin Ichimaru
Soi fong

( Shinji Hirako Shikai who beat everybody who is neither an "Hax" guy or a super upper smart )

Hit hard.


Nimaiya Oetsu
Ulquiorra Schiffer Secunda Etapa
Coyote Stark
Yoruichi and her Brother
Rukia ?


Bleach tier lists don’t really work. Askin can beat Ichigo and Ichigo can beat Monster Aizen but Askin probably can’t beat Monster Aizen. Yoruichi can beat Askin but she obviously can’t beat Ichigo.

Aizen can beat Bankai Kenny. Nimaiya can beat Aizen. But can Nimaiya beat Bankai Kenny.

And so on and so forth.