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If Boros and Orochi fused like Psykos and Orochi fused, how powerful would this hypothetical monster be? Would this monster be capable of surviving a serious punch from Saitama?

Bonus round: Prior to fusing, Orochi assimilates every monster in the Monster Association, including cadres
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Normal Boros survived Saitama punch. Saitama had to use Serious Punch.

Borochi will still get destroyed by Saitama though but I think he can survive few punches.
Saitama's serious punch punched through a blast that was supposed to wipe out the surface of the earth and then still had enough force left to crush Boros' core. A direct hit with a serious punch would kill Borochi.
Borochi would be significantly stronger than Boros tho
Yeah but then again, Saitama killed Boros after punching through a planetary level attack. So how much stronger would a point blank serious punch be that is not slowed down by a multicontinental attack? Plus, Boros said that Saitama was holding back.


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MB Boros was leaking out stupid levels of energy from his body just by moving around, if anything, Orochi would fail to merge with him. If he does, i don't see what could possibly be improved besides attack power. Orochi's regen is doo doo compared to Boros'. Orochi has fighting skill and adaptation but it was never of use when he fused with Psykos.