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Best Zoro and Luffy moment

  • Zoro acting as vice captain in water 7

    Votes: 20 27.0%
  • Zoro taking Luffy's pain

    Votes: 58 78.4%
  • Zoro asking Luffy to be careful in Punk Hazard

    Votes: 7 9.5%
  • Zoro Luffy Hug in Wano

    Votes: 25 33.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 8.1%

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Someone in spoilers section pointed out the phrases in Luffy and Zoro’s clothes.
‘Every drop in the ocean counts’
‘Made ripples’
I wonder if these statements are related. Although Jinbe and Brook also got ‘high tide’ and ‘deep blue’ on them.

This reminds me of one of older colourspread where Luffy had ‘Good shoes take you to good places’ and Zoro had ‘Good shoes’ on his clothes.

One of the many things I love about Luffy and Zoro is how their emotional intelligence balances one another. Luffy is more intuitive regarding people's emotions and intentions. While Zoro is able to analyze the situation. Throughout the manga it's been cool to see how that bond grows between them.

I think Zoro learned to really trust Luffy's ability to understand others emotions during Baratie and Arlong Park. When Nami left, Zoro was instantly angry at himself for letting his guard down and trusting her. Luffy knew that something else was going on with Nami that she wasn't willing to share at the time. It is also interesting to note that Zoro and Luffy didn't listen to Nojiko when she shared Nami's past with Usopp and Co. I conclude that Zoro was impressed with Luffy's ability to understand Nami's emotional needs despite not knowing the full story.

While Luffy is able to understand a situation, his reckless abandonment doesn't always lead to good judgment. Luffy trusts Zoro to analyze the situation. We see this happen in Water 7. Zoro breaks down the situation regarding Robin to Luffy and Nami. Ever since Alabasta, Luffy told everyone that Robin was a good person. He still believes that, but Zoro helps him understand that things could be beyond Robin's control.

In Post Enies Lobby, Zoro won't accept Usopp back into the crew unless he apologizes. Luffy knows that Usopp is sorry, but Zoro teaches him that a captain needs to place himself before his friend for the good of the crew.

In Punk Hazard, Luffy Immediately listens to Zoro when he tells him to stop treating the New World as a joke and get serious.

Finally in Zou after Sanji leaves, Luffy wants to go after Sanji because he innately knows that something is wrong. While Zoro looks at the situation and argues that they can't risk angering Big Mom when they already have a conflict with Kaido. Zoro's argument is that Sanji should be able to take care of himself and handle his own affairs. Then Luffy is able to discern that Zoro is worried about Sanji when the other SHs accuse him of being callous.

I think Luffy has taught Zoro to be more trusting of people and their emotional needs. While Zoro has taught Luffy to start analyzing situations a bit more.