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Best Zoro and Luffy moment

  • Zoro acting as vice captain in water 7

    Votes: 22 25.3%
  • Zoro taking Luffy's pain

    Votes: 69 79.3%
  • Zoro asking Luffy to be careful in Punk Hazard

    Votes: 8 9.2%
  • Zoro Luffy Hug in Wano

    Votes: 29 33.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 7 8.0%

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I'd like to join this Fan club..

this duo has some very exalted feels to it ngl

imagining them pulling up together in a fight.. ouff.
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wait i didn't realize i was already added once lmao..

ig its just sudden epiphany of respect about these Goat's got me thinking I'm not in
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I've found something very interesting.

Gold Roger and Luffy are both Kaizoku O, or in another words they both hold the title of Pirate King.

It's interesting to note that if we merge together the epithets of Zoro and Rayleigh we can find the Kaizoku O/Pirate King title inside their epithets.

Kaizoku O
Kaizoku Gari - Mei O

It works also in english:
Pirate King
Pirate Hunter - Dark King