[FNZ] Role Madness Castlevania : What is a Man? - Game Thread

I think my intention got lost in translation.

The idea you know mafia actions could show me targeting myself came from the fact (like I said) you wanted to frame me by it.
You received a wagon after giving this result so I didn't want to vote as well, now I know it was for the best because now we can talk and make a read for each other.

About point 1 problem A to Z, I didn't even think that far, i considered you ill intended and I said the things how I see them.
Point 2 a - knowledge of the mates actions is TMI. B - you didn't know how result works before the host explained it.
I understood it only after Fuji said you visited Kiku instead.

So I don't get your concern.
About the rest we are good for now, I don't think you would bother too much to understand me if you are scum though
But "Michelle targetted Michelle" result doesn't do framing in any angle.

Or you mean that despite Lightning rod you targeted yourself, so in a way it was attempt to frame you. 🤔

I get it somewhat. For that to be case, I'd have to be aware of LR firsthand in the game.
Yo Tan Wa is probably town, he tried clearing Mango and Michelle. Dont see the benefit for scum to do that, unless they are his mates and we can revisit that later if so.

Michelle seemed clueless about my claim when I tagged everyone and it was discussed at length, I figure if she was scum her team wouldve told her. Though if that team is afk its another story. Actually Yoho would fit with Michelle here since he didnt seem to understand my claim at all.

Speaking of Yoho there were two kills Night 0, 3 kills last night. Yoho claimed to have shot last night and nobody else if town vig claimed so he should be somewhat cleared because I have a hard time believing mafia has multiple kills in a 13 players game. Then again town has a lightning rod and me but still feels like a bit much. Especially if Ratchet himself is town.

Kiku is cleared town.

I town lean Flower.

Leaving Random Asshole who was blocked night 0, Rej and Mangosenpai.

Poe would be this assuming Ratchet dies tonight else he gets lynched tomorrow

Tier 1:

Mango, Rej, RA

Tier 2:

Yoho, Michelle

Id lynch Rej or RA today. This is my current thought process.