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Chapter 96 is out

Wild times when Chainsawman is out before One piece huh? But that's 2020 for ya
Nice to see best girl Reze back, even if she's just a Makima puppet. So Makima is able to control the devils she defeats like she said a few chapters ago. Basically they gotta beat CSM so Makima can control him.

Denji has 2 way for victory: 1) Kill all Japanese citizens so that killing Makima actually kills her. Which is what the Gun devil was trying to do but it's unrealistic.

2) Eat Makima.

Well...I guess we're really moving towards the ending now. I can't see how it progresses much past this event if Makima is dead.
Damm this chapter's hilarious again.

And wdym ryze is best girl when Konebi exsists
Lol, this is the weirder manga i've read. Totaly worth it :milaugh:

Last few chapter, the fiends is resurrected. Now it's the devil human hybrids or whatever it's called come back to story, and they now Makima's puppet :usoprice:
God damn it.. the HYPE! "Guess it's time for a good ol' massacre." :wellwell:
Hope the fight actually lasts longer than a chapter or two, this feels somewhat final'ish, and I fucking love Fujimoto's bizzare action scenes. Already love the setting with those rooftops.
So I guess we're about to see some more weapon hybrids? The sheer fact Quanxi and Reze are returning tho.. :finally:

So she really did collect Hybrids, someone already hypothized this somewhere in the thread. I just love how they're all completely out of character with their Makima-worship, but at the same time behaving just like Denji, showing us how Makima was truly in control for all the time. The subtext in this manga is incredibly well done.


Don't see the need for these hybrids powerlevel-wise, tho.. wasn't Makima standing her ground against Darkness, which is >>> all these hybrids? Puppet with just a piece of Darkness was rivalling Quanxi. Speaking of the ancient devils, wonder how/when they'll come into play. I'm still expecting some apocalypse-type scenario, I was kind of disappointed with the "devil that devils fear most" simply being unleashed Chainsaw, I was expecting Death or something.


I should be finished by Saturday/Sunday.

This whole agency is a fucking mess.

I wouldn't be surprised if they are more fucked up than Celestial Dragons.


Yeah I saw a couple of panels on MH but was wondering if Lebrent can post more since he has the chapter. Really looking forward to this arc since it seems to be end game.
The day is almost over. 3 days till officials. Spoilers are overrated each year.

I don't enjoy fan translations post Jaiminis :/


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The day is almost over. 3 days till officials. Spoilers are overrated each year.

I don't enjoy fan translations post Jaiminis :/
CSM is not really dialogue heavy so there's no discernable discrepancy between official and scans. But I guess most scans are dying out now since the quality for other manga (OP,MHA) isn't up to Jaiminis
If u have the time can u post some new panels here? If u don't want to be the one to post them for spoiler provider issues, PM me and I'll post them here :cheers:
i am at home now
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this is all i found on chainsawman discord. If you need more picture of something you want to know tell me
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Well yeah, seems that's that for my hopes for a prolonged fight. xD
There have to be a lot of people with some real alarming chainsaw paranoia for him to wreck this hard, lol

But the visuals were superb, nonetheless! That spread of him crashing Quanxi through those buildings, damn...


One can tell Fujimoto's a fan of movies, with those cinematic spreads!

On those hybrids:
I really love the new design of Flamd Thrower, but was kinda underwhelmed with Sword and Spear. Also, wtf that girl's supposed to be? Whip devil?

Also, who's Makima referring to with "4 horsemen"?

I'd have to disagree on the translation thing, I've often found differences in tone between the early version hosted on mangafreak and the official one, with the early fan version often feeling more rough and natural. Then again, some of their translations have been straight up false