Chap 1111: Sun Shield

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Can't wait for him to use it as a shuriken against Akainu :suresure:
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Lucci v Zoro= Lucci couldn’t move with lasting damage; could be scarred for life. Zoro gets the confirmation W
Lucci v Luffy= Lucci thinks he will pass out, but walks it off like it nothing. Has an bandaid on his cheek after. Luffy gets exhausted after using his gears. No confirmation, could be seen as a draw.

Zoro outperforming Luffy against the same opponent +1 :goyea:

Another great chapter for Zoro
Lucci was exausted after getting beat up by Luffy
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even zoro acknowledged that he did not finish lucci
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LLuffy made a Yonkou a jump rope an Admiral a Pizzaru and now playing baseball with a Gorosei Luffys a toon world user basically lmao 🤣🤣 (Luffy is way too broken and the scary thing is he doesn't even have full control of Gear 5th yet)

No wonder JoyBoy never beat these guys they were effing immortal woah 😮😮 People are underestimating the Giants Big Mom even said if she had them on her side she would've found the one piece.

Oda deserves the break for his health and to probably mourn the passing of his friend ( Akira Toriyama)
Mastered G5 could beat Saitama