Chap 1111: Sun Shield

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Loved the chapter

Relatively satisfying conclusion to Lucci vs Zoro while getting a deeper look into Lucci and how much he cares about his friends (he likely feels the same way about all of CP9 since they risked their lives to protect him while they were wanted by the Government)

Love just how threatening the Gorosei look/feel! Those panels of Mars hovering over Lucci and York really sold just how scary it would be to stand in front of them when they’re transformed

Might be a little controversial but my favorite part of the chapter has to be Luffy’s reunion with Dorry and Brogy as well as their dynamic! I was a little worried that a ton of emphasis would be put on Nika when they meet but it seems like I was worried for nothing. Seeing all 3 of them laugh and reminisce while plotting their escape made me really happy

Also glad that Luffy is prioritizing their escape instead of rushing in and fighting like an idiot. He knows he can’t damage them and it would take too long for him to figure it out so it’s best to leave as soon as possible

Sanji coordinating the escape definitely feels like Oda’s playing into Sanji’s unofficial role as the Strawhat’s strategist so I’m happy with that as well

Zoro negged Lucci lol

Lol, when Lucci growled here for some reason it totally reminded me of Liquid Ocelot pumping himself up in the final fight.

Actually, it would be totally epic if Lucci functioned as a Zoro rival from this point, and had one more final battle with Zoro in the future where he fights to the death. Then you could totally parody the MGS4 fight and just paste their heads on top of Snake and Ocelot.