Character Discussion Characters you have trouble understanding how people like

Haven’t seen much of it here but elsewhere buggy is very popular and I’ve never been able to stand him. He’s a gag character but Oda has milked the gag too much on. Seeing him constantly resurface isnt funny, it’s just irritating and it diminishes the growth of other serious characters. He’s also a terrible person with no redeeming quality. Waste of panels.
So basically I only like strong characters for powerlevels gotcha :pepelit:
Sanji man :lusalty:

He is a degenerate and morally wicked. It's mind boggling how a character that embodies that many disgusting qualities even has fans.
The guy that can't be around women without sexualizing them to the point he has nosebleeds has fans :choppawhat:
I wonder what kind of people sanji's fans are :noo: