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Charlotte LinLin

The voice of Jinbei stans 😊
Isn't Kaido younger than Big Mom?

I think Kaido was a WG creation inspired by anomaly that is Big Mom. They wanted to create something creature who is really, really strong, but it got away. It'd explain why he's called the strongest creature even in the days of Whitebeard.
We dont really know, my guess is he is prolly a couple years younger than Big-Mom but maybe he is even older than her who knows. Just because Shanks and KAido are supposed to be in the same generation doesnt mean they have the same age, i think Kaido is around 65 or something like that but again, we will probably find out anyway sometimes along the lines of Wano

Charlotte LinLin

The voice of Jinbei stans 😊
Whichever of Kaido's Numbers is the Perospero of the group, I hope he's just as awesome. It'd be hard to top this:

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"Would you like me to... Lick... ...take you there?"

(It's hard not to hum that tune when he's creating the escalator.)
I dont think that these Numbers are underlings of Kaido, so there won't be one like PerosPero, i am not even sure they are really that intelligent, more like mindless beasts who just want to have a good time, getting drunk and visiting Kaido