Announcement Christmas themes available now

ooooo I like these themes.
Ace Theme was a bit too bright for my eyes and for the Zoro theme it's alright, although I would've preferred a different background. But still I'm grateful for these themes and I love it.
Can't wait for next year ;)


Yup! I'm purrty strong!
Initially, we decided to engage with the Zoro fans about their opinion and as a result, they commonly agreed on a collage which was really unfit to be viewed as a theme, with the collage not only lowering the visibility, but also hiding block texts.

I even went as far as discussing about it to them, asking for potential backgrounds, but nothing good came, and thus i decided to go with the original background and color theme they had in that collage for the theme since i thought it'd be what they like.

And even after it actually came out, there were still complains and readjusted the color themes to fit, which apparently they ended up liking. It honestly took me more to do the Zoro theme than the Ace theme, so i'm sorry that after all this, i'm not willing to re-open this topic again