Powers & Abilities CoC has been badly handled by Oda

You're kidding, right? The most beautiful arc in the series? Even as a Zoro fan you should be able to see Wano's glaring flaws. Don't let the hype of the recent chapter fool you

A couple of good chapters in Onigashima doesn't stop Wano from being a pretty iffy arc

The landscapes are meh skypiea had a better setting, a staggering war that no one on the alliance's side has died in, the scabbards are liked the least out of any secondary characters in any arc, it's a good arc for Zoro but that's about all I can give you

The F6? Did you see how Oda handled them? 2 of them got loldiffed by Big Mom, Drake is a member of Sword but is a background character now, the list just goes on.

Jack probably got done the worst out of any character in Wano. Hyped up since Zou and the first billion beri man we meet? Never used haki or a single named attack before getting mid diffed by Inu

Can't forget this arc introducing Amnesia Mom only to embarrass her for most of the arc! Never thought we'd see her turned into a gag character after FMI

Does Wano have really good strings of chapters? Yeah, but that shouldn't be enough to make anyone forget what happened during the rest of the arc

Yes, 4/10 arc. Most important arc and less relevant characters wasted lot of panels.
Most important arc and yet no single main story related information.
All this arc have is Oden this, Oden that.
Maybe but I feel agenda in your post, you are disappoint that Shanks excuse coc over Mihawk is becoming day after day a weaker and nonsensical argumentation but hey let see where Oda want to move the story :ihaha:
If you knew my opinion on that, you’d know I’ve always argued Mihawk>shanks
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Also, for all of you retards claiming this is an agenda thread, I said it was bullshit when Luffy got ACoC. I thought it was stupid as hell that he’s getting back to back power ups, and that we didn’t even get an explanation of ACoC before Luffy got it


I had the same gripes when Luffy got it, so you zoro trolls can stfu
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I wonder why these type of threads are made after Zoro gets something :hope:
Yamato and luffy gets it no one says shit.
Zoro gets it all of a sudden this is a problem? :gokulaugh:
We all knew it was going to be like this they are just salty the zorotards were right yet again.
Just look at all the haki threads they made to cope after 1033
Ready for the "Why Zoro killing Kaido wasn't that impressive" threads after ZKK? :myman:
Sometimes telling is better than showing since Oda hasn't done a very good job of the showing. It would have taken Oda a Max of 5 Chapters at the start of the post timeskip to explain everything we needed to know about Haki. If he wanted to add more things to it as the story progresses which is normal in a Shounen, he could take another Chapter for that exposition. It's very "boring" and means you lose some edge in suspense and action but coherency is preferable to having to suspend disbelief each time you read about something.

Thats why I like Nen and the JJK system. Give Straight up exposition then go from there.
It was an excuse for Oda to later on explain some powers or asspulls by just saying "this was haki"
He cant truly ever define haki system

Lol what?

*Luffy and Yamato have CoC coating*

"Luffy and Yamato's CoC coated attacks aren't doing shit to Kaido. It's not that special."

*Zoro gets CoC coating*

"OMG, Zoro and Mihawk are goated! Strongest characters in One Piece, and it's not even close!"

OP isn't even complaining that Zoro has it. He's complaining about it's functionality being nothing more than a copy of AdCoA.
The biggest hypocrites who flip flop and act like they weren't wrong to downplay adcoc, fs & CoC

Just watch they'd hype fs when mihawk or zoro get it or shiryu has it
They will be hyping it crazily

These guys are to be ignored
Haki is willpower. CoC is the strongest willpower. Using the strongest willpower is strongest. LOL.

Except Haki hasn't had any bearing on logia which honestly wasn't handled well to begin with. To hurt Crocodile, Luffy coated himself in water. A pirate covered in water, wow very clever. And saying Oda ran out of ideas to deal with logia powers after this, when Smoker debuted a while before Crocodile, doesn't really work.

I'm not sure if there was any internal or external pressure for Oda to come up with a power scheme, but obviously he had to somehow separate the big dogs from the amateurs. All three forms of Haki do that, although I do think there are plenty of ways where there could have been a better explanation or depiction.
haki was in the series since the first chapter and youre reading two piece if you think it was made up later or added in. just because you're not getting Haki for Dummies and 40 pages of boring power explanation like in hunter x hunter doesnt mean it makes no sense. its like the easiest possible power system to understand but somehow its impossible for people without a big waste of time breakdown of every detail lol
finally the only one who deserves CoC was confirmed last chapter....

There are a lot of things that are a mess...talking just about CoC doesn't make sense. Haki and DF are pretty much random plot device now.