Coyote Starrk vs Barragan

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Just read through that god-awful Bleach Wiki. The theme there is so bad, my eyes hurt from it. Whoever thought that the electric blue was a good idea need to rethink.

Anyways, comparing these two people, Coyote Starrk

and Baraggan

Welll, to start off, this Coyote Starrk guy is supposedly an
Esparada, right? I have no idea what that means but since he's the Primera one, I'll assume he is the Group
Leader of some gang. Anyways, the wikia said that some of his power is sealed in this
Lilynette Gingerbuck person. I don't know what to do with that information nor do I know what it....

Onwards, let's look at the other guy.
Very old, an
Elderly looking man. But what One Piece have taught me is

Old people are not to be fucked with

Oldbeard is still super over
Powered. I mean, he broke
Marineford in two. But we're not talking about OP so let's move back to Bleach.

Similarly to OP, I'm inclined to believe that
Esparada guy stands no chance.
Currently, I only made it to the first paragraph of both wikia pages, but
The Baragan person
Is supposedly a former God-King of Hueco Mundo (Again I have no idea what that means either), but I'm tired and PL aren't my thing soo
On this note, I'll just end here and say,
Neg diff by God-King guy.
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