Powers & Abilities Did Luffy just use his ultimate attack on Kaido?

Was Luffy's Supreme Kong Gun his ultimate attack?

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Weren't they the same stuff? Both Kaido and Luffy hit each other with the attacks, and then went on to use the same attacks to do one final clash.
We don't know, Luffy didn't have the time to finish naming his attack he just said "Supreme"
That's why I put a poll option about it possibly being "Supreme KING Kong Gun" rather than "Supreme Kong Gun"
In this chapter Luffy hits Kaido with an attack called "Over Kong Gun" or "Supreme Kong Gun"

Apparently "Supreme" has the same kanji has the one found in Conqueror Haki

Do you think it was Luffy's new ultimate attack (KKG coated with CoC) or just a new KG coated with CoC?
Luffy's arm inflated so much, i think it's KKG with CoC Coating.

...but about final attack or not, Luffy makes a hundred types of final attacks on the spot depending on whether the plot is going to finish or not :lusalty:
He's not wrong tho
Luffy's SKG felt like just another random punch
Because it's purposely just not the end of the fight. Yes, Oda gave luffy 2 new G4 moves with AdCoC (Hydra and SKG/OKG) and several without, but this was never meant to be where it ends.

In hindsight, we'll probably all see why when he uses awakening. It's where the story is just now going. G4 was meant to be it, but it's clear that by "rumors and hearsay", something detrimental to the WG is coming from Luffy