General & Others Do Zoro fans still want King ?

Do Zoro fans still want King ?

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    Votes: 46 61.3%
  • No

    Votes: 29 38.7%

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This thread has nothing to do with ZKK. I just wanna see how many of my Zoro peeps still want Daddy King ? Since I'm seeing everywhere Zoro fans getting excited for King.....

So im interested how many of yall want Zoro vs King ?
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Ugh I gotta do this again...
Zoro fans went form

"Zoro will one shot King" to "King is too strong for wano" over 1 night

so who the fuck knows what this unstable people say later on


Symbol of Despair
said him, while quoting the guy who went from

"King is physically stronger than Big Mom" to "King is a disappointment" over 1 night

3 months booboo.

3 months of King doing fuck all, staying in the background and then getting potrayed with Queen as equals whenever he gets paneltime. Tired of this jokeman.