General & Others Egghead Island Arc Rating so far?

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Almost 20 chapters into it, and I don't see it resolving in the next 10
It's pretty average with some good to great moments and ideas thrown in. But due to how Oda writes the story, as soon as something interesting is shown we cut away from it for months of irl time
Imo, Egghead is still an 8, for at least payoff potential. I dig the scenes out of the arc, but it needs to start addressing its main points:

- Traitor
- Kuma's flashback
- The eventual point of CP0
- Vegapunk's history with Bakkin/Weevil/Rocks
- Most importantly: Kizaru/Saturn and the Marine Assault on Egghead
I liked ark in the beginning, but it quickly became boring. Yes, and Vegapunk disappointed, although at the beginning of the arch I liked Vegapunk:josad:
Aside of the 4 bad chapters of luffy vs kizaru, i would say its pretty good. Solid 8/10(or even 9 if the climax is worthy). Best post timeskip arc and second best overall after marineford. Kuma flashback has to end in the next chapter though.