General & Others Film Red Receives Terrible Reviews In Japan

It looks like it got better reviews, on IMDB for example
This thread is such bullshit. It had the third highest opening ever in Japan and has an 8.2 on imbd. The reaction online has been largely positive. It would be that mindless hate is at home on WorstGen.
I don't mean to rain on your parade, but IMDB is the same website where Joker and Whiplash are rated higher than the filmography of, say, Jacques Tati, Ingmar Bergman, and Stanley Kubrick. :suresure:

I wouldn't use that website to measure film quality. :myman:
I don't mean to rain on your parade, but IMDB is the same website where Joker and Whiplash are rated higher than the filmography of, say, Jacques Tati, Ingmar Bergman, and Stanley Kubrick. :suresure:

I wouldn't use that website to measure film quality. :myman:
Nah, we should use websites that only push your agenda.
I will leave you dumbasses to your hate circlejerk now. I don’t swing that way. If I don’t like a show, I stop watching it, I don’t join a forum to bitch about that show. Couldn’t be me lol. One Piece haters are hilarious. They literally cannot enjoy anything because their brains are too small.
Not everyone is willing to just drop a series they watched since literal years. I didnt do it to the mess that was bleach, not doing it to the mess thats clown piece. Also people kind of already have accounts and have discussed this manga for again, literal years. That doesnt mean we dont enjoy anything though. Thats a nonsequitur mixed with generalization, so nice clown move there!
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I have no idea what you are talking about. Have Star Wars fans created and populated a forum just to hate on Star Trek? If so, they might be almost as bad as the people on this forum.
The creator of this website is also a hater? Interesting.

Also did you mix up star trek and wars or did you try to insinuate the haters just hate because they fanboy a different series? Not a good look either way tbh
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Now oda will say, I write for audience outsdie japan.
Oda already lowkey said he is writing for himself and that he doesnt care whether people like his shit
Whats the surprise? That a OP movie was a shit?

Seriously guys, those movies are just about selling more merch.

And this one has gone to another lvl of with this whole musical shit that was clearly a way for they to create a "One Piece Vocaloide" to sell shit products in japan. Its clear that Shueisha know OP is endind and they are trying to milk every possible drop of money before it.

Really dont get why i guys care soo much about other OP rellated products, the only one that matter is the Manga
Bruhh truly shocking despite all that promotion and hype with many things that's not even revealed in the Manga

Then again for what I've learn, when it comes movies. You need to judge it on your own.

But No doubt Shanks fans, the biggest fandom in OP, will enjoy this
The promotion has been ass lol.
Some issues never before encountered in other movies.
Major power first shown in the movie before the anime. Gear 5 is rumored to have been shown in the movie and it's probably minimum a year away from the manga.

The anime filler episodes (usually 4) that builds up the hype of movies are showing after the movie have actually made its debut. Like wtf.

GreenBull could be in the movie using his powers while in the anime he is still a silhouette.
@Rivaille mind sharing your experience about the movie ? lol!

Sois pas timide :milaugh:
The movie is bad. Really bad.

-There are a lot of narrative issues
-Uta motivation is completely hollow
-She is an unlikable character imo
-Some characters are there for absolutely no reason. They had no plot relevance and don’t even have a badass scene (prime example of that is Katakuri)
-The fights are shit 1/ because they are too shorts 2/ because the choreography is horrendous 3/ they did too much with the auras and color effect so you often don’t even understand what happened.
-There are too much singing ( in my theater the whole loudly complained at one point
-Too much CGI or at least too obvious
-The drawing and the animation are irregulars. Sometimes it is very good and other time it is completely shit

The only good thing imo is the first design of big boss.

In term of narrative « Z » was far better and in term of fanservice « Stampede » was far far better.

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Uta vs Two yonko + Marine admirals.
The marine don’t help against Uta. In fact the marines are totally irrelevant in the movie.
Like Katakuri, The 5 elders and Rob Lucci, they served no purpose except of fan service but they don’t even say or do anything badass.

1The Elders are just there for expositions and sweating bullets because « omg do you what will happen if it awakens!!! »

-Rob Lucci is just there to try (because he failed) to stop a transponder nail ( and I’m not kidding).

-Katakuri is just there to save Brûlée ( as if Oven does not exist) and the only thing he did (using his FS to give infos on the big boss ) is useless because you have shanks telling him that he already know that.

-The admirals are just there to try to kill civilians because « the angry Akainu » is bad and everytime they are trying you have their way either Shanks or Beckmann stopped them and they stop even tho they could have continued. The worst is that a Celestial dragons was molested and we know that admirals has to exacted retribution for that no matter what…but no they dipped.

And the movie is filled with those kind of stuff.
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