[FNZ] Light game Game 00 : One Piece Wano Kuni act 1

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These votes against TAC, I don´t know but it feel kinda strange how @Admiral Lee Hung and @Rej jump directly against TAC.
In my opinion either Cinera or TAC aren´t really belongs to the mafias, because that I prefar more to a vote against Admiral or Rej who see the chance to kill of TAC. In another way Reborn is really a good mafiaplayer, lasttime he was a mafiaplayer yet bring good arguments and people don´t vote against him. I think we should take more our votes against these threes and see where we going to.


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In another way Reborn is really a good mafiaplayer, lasttime he was a mafiaplayer yet bring good arguments and people don´t vote against him.
Thank you for the compliment. It's my second Mafia game so it means a lot lol:amazing:

As far bringing good argument is concerned then it doesn't amount to evidence that I am mafia.

The evidence you need to bring to portray me as Mafia is by refuting my arguments and not that "he is giving good argument so he could be mafia" that's absurd.

I have been totally open about everything. If you find me suspicious then rest of them are as well. Lmao


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@Cinera , @TheAncientCenturion , @Reborn
Should we start voting against either Rej or Admiral?
If it means saving me? I say we lynch Rej.
Rej jumping on tac is weird but I am sticking with lee.

If we want to save TAC then we have to put three votes against lee.

We have to take risk as there is no other option.

Also, if lee is actually innocent and I gets NK then you guys will easily find out who is mafia tomorrow.

And, if lee is mafia and we take him down then it's big victory for us. Though, I will get Nk in any case lmao


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I don't have the time to participate fully right now and give my thoughts on everything, but Rej has been pretty wishy washy regarding his vote IMO. It comes across as opportunistic which is a Scum read for me.

He first voted for Reborn, then switched to TAC when he saw there was some momentum behind a TAC lynch, then he unvoted and now wants to switch to Lee? This reads to me as someone who's trying to get a Lynch to go through at all costs (it doesn't matter that much who), and that's pretty Scummy behaviour IMO.

If we're talking about suspicious players, I find Rej more suspicious than Major and would be more comfortable lynching him.

I'm only up for 30 more minutes, so I'm not voting yet, but my next post would probably be my last post this Day phase.
Anyway D1 is hard scumhunting, I can just follow my gutfeeling and look for some indicators. I am not good in reading and analysing wallposts tho. But since I have towny vibes on you and Kiwi and now maybe Reborn, I would go along with either vote :pepeke:


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How many votes are there against each person?

You haven't given your read on whom you think is suspicious and whom you think is townie
I haven't had much time to keep up with the thread, but I'll give you my impressions. Here is what I think of everyone so far:

Reborn --- I'm getting townie vibes from him since he is actively seeking for the mafia, being very vocal and calling people out on their arguments which is really different by how careful he was with his posts last game. However, this could be a double-edged sword as it could mean that he is trying to put the suspicion on other people...but so far, I am pretty confident he is town.

Cinera --- Not sure, not to reiterate what everyone already pointed out but yes, the push for TAC's lynch was suspicious and nitpicky. But I think like what Reborn does, he also backed up his points to show that he is trying to fish out the parts where he believe people are acting weird.

Admiral Lee Hung --- Suspicious, he doesn't try to defend himself as innocent but just says that there's no point in doing so. But for the statement where he said he can't reveal his character, no one was specifically prompting him to reveal his character yet he chose to disclose that information to us. A statement like that would for sure make people raise their eyebrows so I think if he really is mafia, he may not have made it so oblivious.

Playa ---- no idea so far. Although, I'm a bit confused why he just assumed to vote against Rej and Admiral without really providing much about his opinions
@Cinera , @TheAncientCenturion , @Reborn
Should we start voting against either Rej or Admiral?
TAC ---- Long replies, trying hard to defend himself, revealing his character early. It all makes him look suspicious but the way a bandwagon formed on him sorta, when Cinera first accused him, then Admiral Lee Hung and then Rej voted him, I think he is town and made himself an easy target to target

Rej ---- randomly lynching people to provoke a reaction seems to be his strategy. I don't like the way he is jumping between lynching people so quickly but I also think he is town and trying to get a reaction out of the other players to see who would jump on and bandwagon.
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