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Oh god they are really stretch this out like luffy stretch his arm lol...hope that shutenmaru and jack episode is gonna be great...and kaido and luffy will be episode 914 then
It looks like its going to be 4 chapters over 5 episodes, which TBH, isn't the worst thing ever...

Anyway, the directors on those episodes for the most part are really good, so I think it should be fine. Just hope they add some nice little extensions to the content to make it more engaging.(wouldn't mind if they did quick little reanimations of the defeats of guys like Caesar and Doffy as opposed to reused footage with a purple tint, but I think that's probably what's most likely).
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Episode 914 15/12/2019 "Final Fight! Luffy vs Kaido"

Episode 915 22/12/2019 "Destruction! Attack of the Thunder Clap!"

Delay of Episode 916 from to 29/12/2019 to 5/1/2020

916 "Life in Hell! Luffy's Place of Humiliation"

One Piece Episodes 914-916 Staff

914: Yasunori Koyama/Masahiro Shimanuki

915: Katsumi Tokoro/Shigefumi Shingaki

916: SB: Yutaka Nakashima/ED: Unannounced/AD: Shuichi Ito