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Roo musted have been laid off ot caught in the wave of layoff from major tech companies. He had that tech company employee personality. It feel bad to celebrate law victory over blackbeard without him but it is what it is.

I'm so sore, I thought going to the gym 3 day in row would be better than going every other day and leave me with less planning. Now I have more pain.


I will never forgive Oda
LMFAO I ignored this thread and missed the gold. They literally kicked one of the biggest admiral down players from their club cause of a minor difference in thought
@Shiroyru you have a chance to get baptized and allowed into our discord server if you decide to join the Marine fans.
Y’all have a discord?


RIP Toriyama
And the fact that he once accused me and @Jiihad of having a secret PM with admirals fans to suppress yonko fans
Lmaoooo, man’s delusional
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Aye, I jus actually read this shit. Yo wtf!? ***** gotta whole ass PM lmaooo, they really kicked mama outta there cause he didn’t like a character as much as they liked em…..this next level weirdo shit/meat riding
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