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RIP Toriyama
He has his reasons and motives for thinking such a thing, it's up to you to argue against those reasons and convince him otherwise.
And it's not like I answer for him.

Let's not exaggerate and jump to conclusions, the way we perceive something does not mean that it really is what we are seeing at that moment, everything needs to be thoroughly analyzed before we draw any conclusions about it, Erkan spends what 10% of his time exposing your ideas about a fictional manga and you go around claiming that he is a danger to society? Do you know the rest of his life or something? Let's not travel in mayonnaise.
Man spends his free time arguing with tha OFFICIAL TRANSLATOR for WSJ/OP that he’s wrong or that he knows better

Damn buddy got you on tha payroll huh? You this invested in defending his honor from obvious jokes…do you blood