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Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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Summary by Jeeswag from TKC

Kanki Center:
Kanki's soldiers are fighting amongst themselves between those who think they did enough and are trying to run vs those who are staying to fight. The Zhao center army watch as they run and mocks them for being a group of bandits who have no sense of responsibility. They receive a report saying about 7,000 Qin soldiers remain out of the 40,000 that they started with. The Zhao commander asks where Kanki is and the soldier says they don't know yet. The Zhao are trying to figure out where Kanki could be based on the places they've checked already. The commander tells them that either way they shouldn't miss even the smallest group and interrogate the leaders until one of them gives them some info. He thinks to himself that this battle is over and that Kanki should just reveal himself.

Zhao Left Wing:
Ryuuhaku's son gave chase to the Raido army which led to the collapse of the Qin right wing. He receives a report from the Zhao HQ saying to split up his army to send some towards the center to find Kanki. He wonders how the center army wasn't able to find Kanki even with them aggressively pushing forward but decides to take 8,000 with him toward the center. He feels the only way to quell the rage he has is through ripping Kanki apart.

Due to the son's army coming to the center the Qin center army had a harsher situation surrounding them. Together with the 8,000 from the left wing the Zhao surrounded the Qin center to provide no possible means of escape for Kanki. They searched every bush and hole they could but still couldn't figure out where he was. The narration says there was no way for them to have found Kanki.

Ousen HQ:
Ousen thinks about how Mouten said Kanki is only thinking about how to take Kochou's head. Ousen realizes there is one thing that Kanki can do if that was his only goal but if it's true then he thinks Kanki is crazy. Even if it was him he wouldn't use that kind of strategy. There's a strategy that was well known that's named after some guy's grandson. The grandson began fighting the Wei but immediately retreated. The Wei thinking of them as cowards gave a full chase after them. After a day the army lost about half of their numbers and half again the next day. The Wei then started counting the number of fire pits left behind during the chase. They thought the number of fire pits correlated to the number of soldiers and based their number of remaining enemies off of that. The Wei thought the remaining number of soldiers were a quarter of what they started with and sent out a unit to take care of the remaining enemies who they thought to be cowards. However, what was waiting for them was an ambush of countless soldiers strong enough to take out even the Wei commander in chief. The reason for their loss was due to the Wei mistaking the number of soldiers remaining.

Kochou HQ:
They receive a report saying the Kochou army was able to intercept the soldiers who came out of Eikyuu and that the left wing sent their soldiers to the center as well believing it's only a matter of time before they have Kanki's head. Kochou HQ's first line of defense thinks they didn't get to see any action after all. As they talk they see enemies coming and Kanki's soldiers invade the HQ. Those at the tent receive the report saying they're under attack but the numbers are small. It will be taken care of easily but he was sent to still provide a report. They receive another report saying another side of their first line was attacked by a small amount of enemies. As they think to send units from another side to flank the enemies they receive a report that the other side has been attacked by a small number. They wonder what's going on and receive another report as Kanki steps forward chuckling.

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