Is Bleach Better than Kingdom?

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The chad told us long ago.

JK btw, i don't tolerate Ousen slander, Kakukai will bring down Kantan sooner or later. :pepecafe:
Fixed that for you :pepapoo:
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Hara already confirmed this war will see Qin have its highest death toll in the history of the Warring States so we're nowhere near the end of the campaign
It can still happen with the battle ending here, the biggest casualties always happened when the armies routed and they get slaughtered in pursuit. Not that I think it'll happen, but imagine if RBK+SBS low diff Ousen+YTW after killing Kanki, that would be massive hype for Zhao and the kind of portrayal historical Li Mu should have.
at least he is gone now.
we all know that Ousen can't be killed here .

so soou and denermi has to be killed here to justify sieka hype.

zombie ako is not really big achievement to sbs at all.

as it was stated in text spoilers ako was 1hp

sbs neeeds fresh sheep to show his real power.
but it seems we are not getting anything near that unfortunately in this battle we only got sbs vs fodders and vs dead ako.
Well played Hara, he hyped up both Akou and SBS at the same time I think. Sou’ou admitting defeat is awful man. Is this the end of battle? Ousen did nothing this arc man. He was incredibly passive. Atleast Kanki had some moments before losing but Ousen lost terribly here. This performance is worse than Kanki’s. What do you guys think?

Now YTW, Ouhon, Shin are in trouble. Remaining Zhao forces and RBK’s reserves are gonna hunt all of them down like crazy.
- SBS slaying already dead Akou really isn't a big feat atp so that death primarily goes to Gakushou. Good hype for him.
- SBS's size is not normal. Definitely the biggest warrior we've seen yet @Lee Ba Shou
- Ousen....really bet on his subordinates and it seems like the young trio will bail him out again.

Zhao owning Qin dogs as if we're not used to that by now.
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