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Tbh, the story right now certainly isn’t bad, but it’s very disappointing compared to what could have been. I think the arc would have been damn near perfect if the manga, after the Sage Centipede fight, followed the webcomic more closely and did the following things:

Have Garou evolve into his buff form in order to win the Sage Centipede fight. FYI, gonna create a comparison between Garou’s forms and Frieda’s forms. The form of Garou that fought PS, FF, and SC is analogous to 1st form Frieza. The buff form that he evolved into shortly after his fight vs Saitama is analogous to 2nd form Frieza. The winged form and four-armed form is analogous to 3rd form Frieza. His final form is analogous to 4th form Frieza.

Instead of having just TTM be healed by Fubuki using Pig God’s fat, have all the S Class present be healed by Fubuki. Obviously Genos would be an exception since Fubuki’s healing canMt restore his metal parts, and maybe write in a way to make Bang an exception too since Bang didn’t fight Monster Garou in the WC (and rightfully so since it would feel kinda weird if he fought Garou again after they just had their fight a few chapters earlier). Pig God would quickly get back to normal and restore his body fat by eating Gums’ corpse.

Afterwards, Psykos shows back up and Fubuki vs Psykos happens. This fight was great in the WC because it let Fubuki show off her skills and showed how technique can overcome raw power (Fubuki’s psychic whirlwind technique let her beat Psykos by, instead of overpowering her psychic waves, she just deflected the psychic waves so that Psykos couldn’t hit her).

Meanwhile, the S Class will encounter Garou and fight him, giving Garou the chance to look like more of a villain after looking like a hero during the Sage Centipede fight. The S Class that Garou will fight will consist of: Tatsumaki, Atomic Samurai, Superalloy Darkshine, Flashy Flash, Child Emperor, Zombieman, Sweet Mask, Tank Top Master, and Puri Puri Prisoner. Garou will be in his “2nd form Frieza form” at the start of the battle. This version of Garou is stronger than any of the S Class present (even Tatsumaki, though he’s only a little bit stronger than her). However, all of them working together will be too much for him and he will quickly evolve into his “3rd form Frieza” form. This will be a much more competitive fight. Tatsumaki puts all of her power into trying to restrain Garou, which she can’t completely do, but she can slow down Garou enough so that all the other S Class can land hits on him and dodge some of his attacks. Eventually Garou will evolve into his final form, which I think should look like it did in the webcomic. He will quickly beat the S Class, threaten to kill Tareo like he did in the WC (he was just bluffing ofc), and then Saitama arrives back on the scene and Saitama vs Garou starts.

I feel like this would have been more interesting and also give the S Class their moment to shine since, frankly, a lot of them were very disappointing this arc (especially Sweet Mask and Darkshine)

Jack Vessalius

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Damn....Saitama struggling ? Garou matching his punches ?:choppawhat:
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Theres literally no one to fight. Theyre all injured and beyond weak. Best hype would be for them to run away from him.


Garou seems to have overpowered/redirected Saitama's punches and then sent him to another planet ? Apparently the move he used is a a gamma ray burst.