Spoiler General One Punch Man Spoilers

Shit arc.Shit conclusion.Cant believe a manga that goated uptill 2021 will downgrade to such level.
Murata/One writing like its a fanfiction or this is a last arc where they can do anything flashy and get away with it.
Never thought a conclusion of this arc would be so bad.
I thought Kaido conclusion sucked but seeing Garou transformation after teaming up with Metal bat to now i can say that this is the worst in whatever i have read.
This has become from a gag manga to a shonen where Saitamna gets angry after some close one death.Then his supposedly unlimited breaker moves further,Then like other shonen this is a fakeout death ,time travel is suddenly introduced,Saitanma is suddenly normal and yeah Garaou got ok.
From 10/10 to 3/10 arc this has to be worst rollercoaster arc where i felt legic goosebumps to tearing my hair.
Don't quote me on this guys (quote reddit and the guy on twitter) but apparently a reliable leaker teased the announcement* of OPM anime Season 3

* Either it will be announced on the cover of the next chapter (which has been submited alrrady by Murata) or that it has been in production for quite some time

Edit: link to the post