Theory Greenbull has an Ancient Zoan Devil fruit model: prehistoric crocdile. Wani Wani No Mi

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What do you mean with time theory and space?
It's popularly theorised he will have a time fruit
(Theme of light, gravity time between the Admirals) which i think is bollocks because there's already 4 time-based fruits (Toki Toki, Noro Noro, Bonney's fruit and Juku Juku)

I can subscribe to the space-time theme but I expect a Zoan, so some mythical plant Zoan is one I subscribe to (it explains the not eating thing and has immense potential) but this Croc one is interesting
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Jokes aside.
Ryokugyu = ( Green Bull )
Are we sure with expecting him to have something more than Bull zoan?
No Admiral has had any power that directly relates to their codename
Magma has nothing to do with dogs
Light has nothing to do with monkeys
Ice has nothing to do with pheasants
Gravity has nothing to do with tigers

A bull zoan is boring and unimaginitive - especially given we've already seen a Bison and Cow Zoan (Dalton and Minotaurus)

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Prehistoric Crocodile sounds most relevant because he didn't eat anything for 3 years and we can see him chilling without much activity same motionless process is used by crocodiles to preserve their energy.
And something like this would look very cool
Exactly, and damn that’s a nice looking croco pic right there.

critical mindset

He probably has an Ox (cow type) Zoan. Maybe a form of an ancient cow like animal. It would go well with the Bull thing in his name. Kinda like how Sengoku is referred to as the Buddha due to his fruit.

more like model pika pika chu with pica.
No he most likely has an ancient crocodile devil fruit. The theory checks all the boxes unlike most that I’ve seen
Your guess is ass to my theory :cheers:
Yeah whatever. I just can't see an admiral got Ancient Zoan, and it's more stupid if he got Ordinary Zoan like Bull or Cow.

The worst he can get is Special Paramecia and the best for him is a Mythical Zoan that looks like Logia. I still think his power is related to mystical plant somehow. It's Zoan but has Logia's traits. After getting Paramecia that has smiliar traits with Logia, it's not impossible to get that for Zoan.
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Maybe Sobek? ->

Unis is Sobek, green of plumage, with alert face and raised fore, the splashing one who came from the thigh and tail of the great goddess in the sunlight ... Unis has appeared as Sobek, Neith's son. Unis will eat with his mouth, Unis will urinate and Unis will copulate with his penis. Unis is lord of semen, who takes women from their husbands to the place Unis likes according to his heart's fancy.​