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Do you support the 2nd Amendment?

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Now isn't a time where we can get rid of guns. There are too many hurdles even with rapid shootings, dead children and innocent bystanders. It will take the next generation to remove guns which is sad. I've already begun working with partners to ensure highly capable heavily armed private security are in strategic locations to help defer oncoming attacks and to respond with appropriate aggression. My other panthers have begun ensuring these mercenaries are not a legal liability to us*.
Former Prime Minister of Japan has been shot while giving a speech.
9:49PM PST: CONFIRMED, former prime minister Shinzo Abe has been shot in the chest.
9:51PM PST: The attacker has reportedly been taken into custody.
9:53PM PST: Confirmed attacker in custody.
10:00PM CDT: contradicting reports say Abe was shot in the back, not chest.
10:02PM CDT: Abe reportedly went into cardiac arrest. He is in critical condition.
10:03PM CDT: Abe reportedly shot by suspect with a shotgun.
10:07PM CDT: Witness say that Shinzo Abe was shot twice. The first gunshot caused him to fall backwards. The second shot happened as he fell to the ground. After shooting, the attacker did not leave, he stood there and watched.
10:23PM CDT: Shooter identified as Tetsuya Yamagami (41)


Soon this will happen all over the world

I would never thought this can happen in Japan but i was wrong
Shinzo Abe is ideologically inclined towards conservatism. He had been described by commentators as a right-wing Japanese nationalist. He was a member of Nippon Kaigi, a group that denies several key aspects of Japanese history, including the recruitment of 'comfort women' during World War 2.
I can't feel sorry for that guy.