Rules Host Coordination Thread

I would prefer we not squeeze an extra game in here. Your signups can stay, but everyone who asked for a spot will have to agree to you hosting this first beforehand.
Hence why I asked those two as they are the only ones before me. And Ariess game wasnt supposed to end so soon so if they arent read this should be fine.
@Adam 🍎 Can you confirm this in this thread please? If so, you will be Grandfathered to the back of the current order.

@Ekkologix I need you to confirm this here too. Are you not able to host in August in the immediate future?
Whenever Ekko hosts has no bearing on me though since he comes after me, I been trying to host a game since May but then SK and Ultra+ Adam came before me.
I asked them too ^^ But Ultra has been afk for a few days.
Sounds, good. Wish you the best in your game man ^^

I need to do some final touches regarding my game, and since adam and ultra are before me I have time to do that still. Also working on some neat stuff from the art department thanks to gabi. Those are not done yet. Figured if I want to host the game, might as well make sure it's top quality. If neither those two wanna host then having your game be before mine would be perfect for me to finish things from my end.