Break Week How do you come to terms with the fact that you have wasted your life reading this series?


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Poor tiny karen pressed because this thread projects on his life and he mad:milaugh::milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:
I've been following one piece since 2001 back when I was 12
I remember I watched the first episode on italia 1 a famous Italian channel
At first I didn't like the art and I thought luffy looked so weird
Then in 2003 I saw arlong park arc and since then I become a huge fan
Now I'm 33 in 2022 and the story still not finished :josad:


Everyone waste it's time anyway. There can be more useful things for the humanity and planet than scrolling internet, reading novels and watching tv, but yet we all still do that. If you don't like the series just drop it, learning that it is just not for you. If you are still interested to grit your teath on it go ahead no one stops you. It is a human thing for wasting time each hour instead of doing something great. Because no one is made for recreating mother nature but to be a part of it. And as we see by animals... They don't give a fuck too:myman:
I haven't wasted much. Some chapters were a waste of time but even lately events since WCI had some good moments. Those moments are still worth it. I will defend One Piece as a whole until WCI and then some parts after it.
Oden flashback is the best for me.
I'm pretty fucking sad with the chosen one plot, but I don't consider my time wasted and I'll still follow One Piece like a maniac, because Luffy was never the reason I started reading One Piece in the first place. What got me hooked was the world building and characters like Whitebeard, Kaido, the admirals, Mihawk, Dragon. Yeah, I got hooked by these characters that rarely show up, that's how it is.


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If life was all about duties it would probably prove either boring or unsatisfactory or both.
The manga mentions destiny and stated "there are no coincidences" many times, one of them being WB'd speech at his death making it absurdly obvious that destiny was a thing since forever and people still only noticed this now

Reading OP didn't prevent me from doing useful stuff with my life nor got in my way with my career as a Psychologyst which is all about helping others lol