General & Others How Do You Feel about Plans in General

Plans & I go together like...

  • Whitbeard/Sengoku: Well

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Law: I always make em. They always fail

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Kinemon: I made one. It should've failed. But it worked. Sweet

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Luffy: I don't do that

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Only Doflamingo's plan at taking over Dressrosa and Crocodile's Operation Utopia were really master plans with their great ingenuity and the amount of details that was planned and covered during their execution.

The rest of the plans are a clever but flawed at best such as Sengoku's tactics at Marineford or Blackbeard's plan or average.


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Plans are only as good as their execution. By that I mean they should have a point to them, is it the best recourse? Plans for the sake of plans can be a boring waste of time.

It's a shame moreover when a plan was genuinely well thought out but someone would eventually waste it due their foolishness or lack of attention
Quite a few plans (usually villain plans) in OP often have glaring holes in them.

I) Crocodile’s entire plan on acquiring Pluton hinged on an individual (Robin) known for being untrustworthy, to be trustworthy. Combine this with Crocodile’s own refusal to trust anyone and one wonders why he would place all his eggs in one basket and give up his prime Warlord spot in a way that basically has a 50% chance of backfiring spectacularly in his face, which it did.

II) Moria’s plan of using Oars to get strong shadows just would not work on high level opponents. Cutting off their shadows in broad daylight would but plot always nerfs overpowered one shot abilities (looking at you Kuma and Law).

III) Doffy is generally smart but he still has brain fart moments. Sending Baby 5 and feckin Buffalo of all people to rescue Caesar from Law and the Straw Hats was dumb. His decision to dick around with gladiator scrubs instead of killing a completely prone Luffy was also dumb but hey, I guess we could blame that lack of foresight on concussive brain damage from too many Kong Guns.

IV) Bege’s plan to assassinate Linlin was completely reliant on the Straw Hat’s recent movements (e.g. his entire escape plan hinged on Brûlée and Caesar, both of whom were captured by the Straw Hats).

Combine that with his inability to prepare for Linlin’s scream despite having witnessed it first hand and you have a plan doomed to fail. Two years planning my arse.

Never mind the fact he actually had access enough to put a mirror in the cake, so why he didn’t just put a devil fruit or two in the cake (which is 100% guaranteed to kill Linlin) is anyone’s guess.

V) The BMPs just lack any kind of logical decision making despite being hyped to the contrary.

Firstly, trusting the infamously untrustworthy Bege with anything even remotely important is exceedingly idiotic. Jinbe casually knows of his backstory and infamous reputation but the pirate crew with the “best spy network” either don’t know or don’t care? Ok.

As for plans, well the BMP had one that entirely revolved around acquiring Germa’s assets. Pretty sound. At least until everyone escapes the Tea Party and they just suddenly lose interest in Germa. One Yonko, two Sweet Commanders and multiple Veterans sent after the Straw Hats who possess absolutely nothing of value but absolutely no one of worth, not even a Veteran, to spare on Germa, the entire reason why they held the Tea Party in the first place?

Even Bege and the Sun Pirates were higher priority targets than the SHs. Both crews possessed detailed knowledge of Linlin’s inner territories and operations which either could sell to the other Yonko for protection.

Let us not forget Smoothie’s inability to realise that a horizontal slash would solve all her Straw Hat pursuit problems.

VI) Orochi does not make a whole lot of sense either. He supposedly wanted to destroy Wano and make the people suffer. Mission accomplished. Has been for the past 20 years. So why is he so hung up on staying as Shogun? He shits himself at the thought of confronting the samurai even though he arguably doesn’t even need to. Just rule for 19 years, retire to somewhere outside Wano and leave Kaido to deal with whatever mess that occurs.

Supposedly he became Shogun just to enact his revenge but then he is willing to challenge Kaido over it? Why? Challenging Kaido is utterly idiotic, especially when he has already supposedly accomplished his goal, a goal which Kaido is going to coincidentally continue with anyway.
Luffy goes with sheer guts, big D
Law carefully plans for attrition, small d

Blackbeard is a mix and pretty much the best. He's sneaky and merciless, overshoots but seizes every opportunity along the way.

But of course he'll lose because the kind of people you enlist to pull off those plans will leave you high and dry if not off you themselves.