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Zoro Vs Mihawk

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I hope to God somehow it is still Mihawk but I understand your point. But if it is Shiryu, then that will be very disappointing. I am still gonna place my money on Mihawk.
I wouldn't want shiryu either. He's strong and all but Mihawk look's more unique, especially after the resend events in wano. Zoro having CoC/ adv CoC and the black blade conversation were all things that hyped Mihawk as well but i just can't see them fight.
I hope God hears your prayers brother.
Like Brook said in thriller bark, fights between 2 users of destruction don't last very long.
I could even see it ending in 1 standoff and them using their strongest attack from the get go to decide the victor then and there.
(also cutting the island they are on in half in the process)