Questions & Mysteries How will the Zoro/Shanks interaction go down?

He didn't even technically get saved most likely.

He was presumably teleported but those kinds of explosions are not that fast for superhumans so it's best to believe he was caught into the explosion and then teleported before the others also were caught than believing allegedly using barrier haki to tackle the Hakai blast could cause him those bones broken so easily considering he probably didn't even flinch consistently enough.
He got saved and would have been defeated if it wasn't for Law. That is canon and denying it is dumb.
Shanks: "So you're the one Hawkeye was talking about. Why is he willing to fight you with only one eye? He completely gave up on me after I lost my arm haha"

Zoro: "Actually I lost my eye because of him. I challenged him when I obviously wasn't ready yet. How about you? Did Hawkeye claim your arm in some legendary duel?"