Powers & Abilities I dont see how Zoro will get stronger from now on

Yes improving swordsmanship is Using haki and getting better at it.
Okay.. Doesn’t change the fact that its Swordsmanship and not Hakimanship..

Everyone other than maybe Rootbeer that pushes this narrative has an agenda, and it's hilarious!
Whats my agenda..

Find me One person in the One Piece community that believe those 2 things..


l have yet to see one.. That is the definition of not having an agenda bruh..
I'm not a big Zoro fan, I'm a One Piece fan. I discuss him so much because there are way to many people hell bent on making his part of the story make no sense whatsoever
Okay well it's similar for me i'm just trying to find the closest thing to the truth..

Edit: But i'm a big Zoro fan, people won't believe me though..
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