Powers & Abilities If kuma transfered lofy's pains to Sanji instead of Zoro........

He didnt say 'i'm gonna die'. Zoro's not the type to be this direct.
But try to read between the lines and look at their convo in the scene
Like I said you you can speculate. Zoro does speak directly him being a voice of reason on the crew is because he talks directly and doesn't sugar coat situations. If Zoro really thought he'd die he'd have said something along the lines of "this will kill me". Like zoro told law " if this doesn't work and I die it's all up to you" showing zoro thinks he'll die to kaido if he can't put him down. I really don't get where you think zoro isn't a direct guy when that's pretty much him 99% of the time.
Considering Kuma's objective was to test Zoro, and not actually kill him, yes. He gave him enough of the pain to push him to the brink of death, but not actually kill him.

He'd have done the same no matter which Straw Hat stepped up to take that pain. The level of pain in which he gave them would have varied.
Where he put it once he took it from Luffy? His palm.....

We saw the whole process, and it's exactly how it works.
He gave the whole bubble to Zoro. He didnt store any of it in his palms ir anywhere else
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Considering Kuma's objective was to test Zoro, and not actually kill him
We dont know this either
Nope... No other SHs can tank that realistically... The impact passes all throughout one's body...

Sanji, especially at that point, will surely die... He even passed out when Zoro "flicked" him...
for sanji haters:
- there is 0% chance that they knew for sure if any of them can survive.. at that moment, both of them knew it's a certain death..
- zoro survive because of plot armor, as sanji also would.. but other crew won't, that's why only 2 of them in that scene
- if there are more people in that scene or if they had share the pain, then it will become "teamwork" scene, instead of "self sacrifice", and will leave less impression and less valuable

for sanji fanboy:
- zoro has more guts and stronger resolve than sanji.. sanji was shaking, zoro not
- zoro took action faster than sanji, knocking him out
- sanji would survive, but he will not stay conscious..

i'm not trying to powerscale them but.. based on that moment, zoro is more decisive and have stronger resolve than sanji.. it's nothing to do with their combat strength..

If koma transfered lofy's pains to Sanji instead of Zoro........

u tink Sanji would survive that????..
Absolutely not Sanji got knocked out from Zoro sword hilt he would 100% died from that
I think the gesture of Sanji putting his life on the line deserves respect though