Character Discussion I'll say it: Did Oda ruin Sanji ?

Did Oda ruin Sanji ?

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Oda's accuser
Dressrosa was just alabasta 2.0

But Wano has not been bad, if Oda cut out the useless shit it would have been the best arc soo far by a mile. Oda is trying too damn hard to keep up the hype of the arc with useless crap like the shadowed figure that healed the scabbards, Udon was a fuckign waste of time, the stupid ass fake oden, Orochi that wont die, and goddamn Jack that also wont just die, Apoo that also wont fucking die, the scabbards also refuse to go down like the useless characters that they are, even Luffy just wont stay down, etc...

Luffy's plot armour dont even feel weird anymore, since it feels like everyone got protagonist levels of plot armour.
Well Wano is a masterpiece to me despite the unnecessary rather sterile overplotting of certain dynamics.

Major character twisting points in their progression for some SHs

A new Road Poneglyph

Beautiful landscapes and very amazing political and military structure

An amazing war overall
Oda has been writing foe like 25 years non stop. Of course he gets bored with the same characters hes tried to highlight new characters that interest him but his mistake is he creates characters nobody gives a fuck about and neglect the characters we love.