Powers & Abilities Implications that Zoro has had conscious access to basic Conqueror's Haki, and the rooftop variant is the next power-up

Toei: *shows Sanji defeating Drake and other stuff*


Also zolofans: "let's use anime to prove my headcanon about Zoro having adv. Coc, that's even better because if Sanji unlocks CoC we're gonna say that Zoro and Luffy are the only ones with adv. Coc and that the cook will never achieve it.
Ahhh so bascially you saying

Sanji fans: anime shows sanji using armament haki and beating Drake (even though it never happenedin the manga. Sanji fans: "The anime is canon"!

Also sanji fans: Epsiode 984 of one piece comes out zoro uses coc. Sanji fans: "that's filler it didn't happen in the manga"!

Got you
Right, and the difference has been explained several times already.

Which includes the fact that this isn't an isolated incident. Look at this scene from nearly a year and a half ago:

No, anime isn't manga canon. This scene never happened and in fact, the description from Yasuie is completely different in his introduction. BUT the question was, why did they do this? Dragon Quake was used very differently against Monet, so why is this usage halfway similar to CoC? Where did they get the idea to make this implication?

Sanji didn't even move Drake in the manga so that's just the truth of it, but it's already enough to imply that his fight against Queen won't be completely lopsided before he pulls out the win.

Up to the very latest released chapter of the Manga, which at this point is Chapter 1019, Zoro has yet to make a single conscious usage of Conquerors Haki.

Conscious usage implies Zoro is aware that he has it and decides to use it for a certain purpose expecting certain results.

Even the filler anime scene plays into that notion, with Zoro thinking those beast pirates have had too much to drink.

The very first moment Zoro is made aware of the fact that he might have it was when Kaido said so.

All of the above is factual and not up to debate honestly. Just posting it for that reason and you guys can continue to have fun discussing this as an excercise to see wether you can convince others otherwise with the arguments brought up in this thread :super:
The thing is even if he suspected or knew he had CoC (as we also knew it before 1010), that doesn't mean he's been taught to use it, or that he would know about the physical usage as a possibility.