General & Others In your opinion, what should be the most destructive devil fruit

Biased af but since i was a kid i LOVED the idea of Gravity it's by far my favorite ability , in theory it should be the strongest ability if fully mastered

Like it can do what WB's DF do but better , it can do what Kid's DF do but better , it can do so much stuff but obviously if you add hax stuff like yami yami it gets tricky

if i had to chose a DF it will be Fujitora's gravity without a doubt


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Too OP but actually blueno DF can travel via atom to atom and can go anywhere. It's one of the best DF honestly. Really useful!

But i agree it will be really destructive.
With the DFs which we know, i will say Fujitora's DF. If he brings another planet, it's over lol.
Honestly even an atom fruit would be bellow fujis fruit lol, gravity is the most destructive force in the verse, by far. If the dude makes a small black hole then the op world and the neighboring solar systems gets fked.

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Don’t sleep on Belo Betty’s fruit...the power to bring out anyone’s latent potential means she can turn an average sized city into a militia of warriors with a collective unbreakable will AND the physical might to back it up. Imagine an army of Jesus Burgesses, that’s what I’m picturing here; just a bunch of fuckers who can kick your ass solely because they believe in themselves.
Fire can be easily compared to the destruction. So Ace's fruit and Akainu's Magma which made Fire look like a joke.:akaman:
But OP has some insane DF like; Gura-Gura (literal quakes and Tsunamis), Yami-Yami (Blackhole), Suna-Suna (Sand Storm/ drought), Hie-Hie (Ice Age), Gravity (meteor rain), etc.
It should be Fujitora's Zushi Zushi no mi.

I believe that he's so far the only character whose range exceeds the planet. Fujitora is legit Planetary+ level, and yes, he could potentially bring down one of the moons and deal catastrophic damage to the world, if he straight up ends it lmfao.

Akainu's Magu Magu doesn't have the AOE. It's more devastating in combat, not as a military weapon imo.