General & Others In your opinion, what should be the most destructive devil fruit

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You do know the planet's atmosphere is comprised of gases right?
Hydrogen being probably the most Common in the Universe...
He should be able to manipulate all the Gas Planets and all the Suns
Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.

But, assuming of course you meant that CC has the ultimate mastery of his power, would he have an answer to someone like Fuji who, at the ultimate level of his power, can distort space & time and create black holes? Fuji can warp the effects of time and space around him to protect himself from any harm, including all of CC's attacks. Also, I'm sure if Fuji starts spamming black holes, there's nothing CC could do to defend himself (while Fuji would be protected for a reason already said).