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Is Kinemon Alive?

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Considering he never met his wife yet I believe he is not dead yet...

However, this is a perfect end for a character if Oda wants to kill him...

like EVEN if Kinemon will end up dying in future chapter after meeting his wife... I wouldn’t want a different ending than the chapter he had a flashback with Momo training to call him son and get called father...

I think it’s a perfect way to end his character especially if it was TRUE that his wife is dead also and not survived...

However, we all know Oda...

Like last chapter when Kaido hit Kinemon I was sure he is still alive... because it is not a One Piece way to end his character... that is not how Oda writes a death... death in One Piece always is followed with flashback about good/bad moments of that character while another is watching him die to witness his BODY! On screen

Kinemon fullfilled that... yet the only thing that keeps me skeptical is Otsuru his wife being still alive and Oda wants to reunite them together


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I will repeat myself once again. Even if Kaido chops Kin's head off, he wouldn't die until he reunite with his wife again.
Haha it's a good metaphor for Orochi. Well, in Orochi's case however, at least he had an hydra like power although mythologically they could only be offed by wholly burning them down. Perhaps haki will be a causal tool too.
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Carrot is not tagging along though
Oda basically shitted on Carrot screentime in Onigashima, just compare her to any other SHs and you will realize Oda threw away her card
I'm still confident she will join, merely in that her revenge is not yet fullfilled and will probably remain unfullfilled for a while, and she stayed for a long time and got along the SHs too most likely. But we will find out. Perhaps she could even stay for a few additional arcs or even just one and then quit.