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Is Kinemon Alive?

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He'll die by the end of the raid for sure but I doubt if Oda will let a major character like him to die without getting a chapter title of his own at least. Even Kanjuro got it.
Kinemon is not dying.
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Looks like Oda really hates death. Pedro and Yasu died but those embodied a huge plot component respectively. In other words I don't expect the Scabbards to likely die unless a pattern of that kind will be spot.
Pedro isn't dead, he'll come back.
Yes because that whole scene with Kiku, Kinemon and Kanjuro was just a play made by Kanjuro with his drawings.

Kiku and Kinemon are still running torwards where they think Momo is and Kanjuro is realizing his future as an artist will give him redemption.
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