Anime & Manga Is this the Weakest Era of Swordsmanship?

Is this the Weakest Era of Swordsmanship?

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It's the only Era that has a Black blade user after Ryuma's, and the only Era overall that has a 3 sword style user.
Zoro will defeat a YC1 this arc so Mihawk base level is already Yonko level.
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If the marines have a Yonko level fighter in Mihawk why are they removing him from their ranks?
Being the WSS is a personal ambition that should hold no value to others aside from the strength associated with the title.

Strength can be replaced, and the WSS is just a very strong individual.

Also kaido said that the SSG is strong enough to rival the yonko, and he needed to form an alliance with big mom just to keep up.

The story itself has poorly handled swordsmanship, so the recent developments are nothing to be surprised about.
World's Strongest Swordsman Mihawk was stalemated by YC3 Vista at the War of the Best

Marines believe they can replace WSS with some techology made by Vegapunk

All Significant Wano swordsman are dead. Wano Daiymo are dead or irrelevant.

No Yonko are swordsmen

Is this the Weakest Era of Swordmanship?
No because the last of the mihawk supporters is that Edward Newgate was a swordsman and never held the title of WSS

And that the wss is superior to the WSM title

So don't try to get into an argument with the swordfans on this forum or you will lose your judgement and ability to analyze
fujitora shyriu shanks zoro law mihawk :bamathink:
Shanks - hakiman
Fujitora & law - OP DF users

You just proved my point!
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The land of swordsman in this era is devoid of Significant or Great Swordmen...

Even Akainu was scared to go to Wano because of ODEN and Daiymos who were Great/Significant Swordsmen.

The Wano of Today is devoid of great swordmen


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It's a wonderful era

Zoro unleashing CoC and permascarring Kaido whilst unhealthy after having tackled Hakai

Mihawk waiting for a swordsmaster to surpass his rival Shanks

Whitebeard is likely still a Swordsman considering Law himself was stated that way by Oda
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